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About the Installation Process

To help you get started with the installation of the HAL System, we have provided a simple breakdown of the key installation tasks—presented in the recommended order. If you are new to the HAL System, we recommend that (after reviewing this workflow) you spend a few moments reviewing the basics of the system before actually beginning the installation. We understand that your job is to get this system installed as quickly and efficiently as possible, but a slight detour to review the product details is well worth your time. See Introduction to the HAL System.

The Installation Workflow

There are seven key tasks involved in the installation of a HAL System. An overview of each task is listed below, along with page references to the specific details for each task. We recommend that you review this entire list to get a sense of the work flow, and then return to the first task to begin the actual installation process. Note that the order of some of these tasks can vary. See each task description for more details.

Task 1: Install and connect the HAL.
Task 2: Configure the system.
Task 3: Pull and terminate the shielded CAT 5e cabling for the EXPs, RADs and DRs.
Task 4: Install and connect HAL Expansion Units (if needed).
Task 5: Install and connect the individual RADs and DRs.
Task 6: Install and connect all analog devices.
Task 7: Verify connections, perform audio test, troubleshoot, and save the final configuration.

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