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EXP1 Device (Discontinued)

The EXP1 is an Expansion Unit available for the legacy HAL1 expansion bus. It adds 8 RAD ports to your HAL System (providing a maximum of 16 additional input and 16 additional output channels. The EXP1 provides power to the RADs while HAL provides a conduit of control. As soon as the EXP1 is connected, its RAD ports become visible and available for configuration from within the Halogen software.

The EXP1 connects to HAL1 via a FireWire cable, which has a maximum length of 15 feet. If you need more RAD ports than are available on the HAL1 device, adding an EXP1 is the solution.

tip: If the additional RAD ports are needed for only temporary channel increases (for example, increasing the number of microphones in a room for a one-time panel discussion), you may want to consider other options such as the AM1 or AM2.

Following are pictures of the rear and front panels of an EXP1. Click on different areas of each graphic to see descriptions of the EXP1 features.

Rear Panel
Front Panel

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