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EXP7x Device

The EXP7x is an 8-channel AEC DSP Expansion Unit for the HAL1x expansion bus. The device consists of eight, full-featured AEC blocks that include level control, Ambient Noise Reduction (ANR), AGC and 5-Band Parametric EQ. Each connected EXP7x device provides eight full-featured, high-performance AEC blocks. Blocks appear in the DSP TAB under the Conferencing heading. The eight AEC blocks are fully drag-and-drop and may be freely used in a configuration as required.

An AEC block and its child blocks appear as follows in the Halogen processing map:

The EXP7x is powered via a universal AC Mains switching power supply. It is packaged in a 1U chassis approximately eight inches deep. As with all the HAL1x Expansion Units, the EXP7x connects to a HAL1x via a shielded CAT 5e cable with a maximum length of 100 meters (300 feet).

note: See AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation)

note: See Introduction to Conferencing for a tutorial on how to use AEC and other conferencing blocks.

note: See Task 4: Installing and Connecting HAL Expansion Units.

note: The Expansion Bus is a daisy-chain topology supporting up to 32 expansion devices. See HAL1x Expansion Units for details on latency, cable type and cable length.

Following are pictures of the rear and front panels of an EXP7x. Click on different areas of each graphic to see descriptions of the EXP7x features.

Rear Panel
Front Panel

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