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Where to Begin

So you're new to the HAL System and wondering where to start? The answer depends on what it is you're trying to do as well as what experience you have with audio design and with other Rane Corporation products. For example, if you have used Rane's Mongoose product, you are already familiar with Remote Audio Devices (RADs) and the many advantages they offer ... and are one step ahead in learning about the HAL System. If you are coming from Rane's Drag Net product, you are used to doing things the Drag Net way and will need to learn what has changed with the HAL System.

To help you get started, we've organized this topic by the different phases typically found in an audio design project in hopes that you can quickly find the information you need for what it is you are currently trying to do. Within each section are tips and links to topics that will be most useful given your background and your current goal.

Initial Product Research
Bidding Phase
Design Phase
Installation Phase
Service and Maintenance Phase

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