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About Conference Room Combine

Designing the audio for a room combine environment is challenging. The system must adapt to changing physical spaces, combining audio sources and remote control devices from a number of rooms and be relatively easy for an end-user to manage. This becomes even more challenging when you add conferencing to a room combine environment.

What would it take to include conferencing in a room combine application? It’s not that hard to conceptualize, but often difficult to implement using typical tools. All you need to do is properly combine microphones, AV and from-far-end inputs, acquire an appropriate reference and output signals to appropriate rooms and far-end destinations. Halogen provides a highly integrated Conference Room Combine block that greatly simplifies this process.

Before diving into the Conference Room Combine Block, we strongly advise first reading an Introduction to Conferencing. It provides insight into conferencing in general, other Halogen blocks available to assist in conference system design and an introduction to designing with the Halogen Conference Room Combine block.

OK, now that you’re familiar with the information in an Introduction to Halogen Conferencing, let’s dive into the Conference Room Combine Block.

What is the purpose of the Conference Room Combine Processor block?
Conference Room Combine Workflow
What are the basics of working with the Conference Room Combine block?
How do control links, paging, and the Distributed Program Bus behave in a conference room combine situation?
What aspects of each room can I customize?

For more information see Introduction to Conferencing.