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About Control Links

This topic contains the background information you'll need for working effectively with HAL System control links. What you need to know, however, depends on what you're trying to do:

Basics of Control Linking

What is a control link and why would I want one?
What controls can I link together?
How do I know if a control is linkable?
What types of control links are there?
What are the components of a control link?
Are control links always on?
Can presets alter a control link?
Is there a way to view all the links in which a specific control is currently participating?
Do I have to wait until my hardware is installed before testing the control links?
Can I disable a specific hardware remote without having to deactivate all the links that contain it?
Can I include a switch (connected to a HAL Logic In port) in a control link? If yes, are there any differences in behavior when using a switch versus a DR in a control link?

Advanced Topics

What issues should I consider when adding more than two controls in a single control link?
What happens if a single item participates in more than one control link?
What is a link master and why do I care?

Best Practices

What are some best practices to follow when creating and working with HAL System control links?