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About Control Pages

This topic contains the background information you need to work effectively with HAL System Control Pages. In addition to reviewing these conceptual details and best practices, we highly recommend that you review the included Web Controls and DR6 starter configuration examples and the detailed descriptions of the various tasks you can perform.

You develop a set of custom control pages in the Control Page Designer dialog, which you can open via the Controls Systems toolbar menu in the Processing Workspace.

  1. First click on the Processing Workspace tab.
  2. Then click on Control Systems in the toolbar and select Control Page Designer to open the dialog:

For full details about the Control Page Designer see Control Page Designer Dialogs.

Basics of Control Pages

What are control pages and why would I use them?
What controls can I use on a control page?
How do controls on a control page relate to the other controls in my configuration?
How do I add controls to a control page?
What other elements can I add to a control page?
What other ways can I change the appearance of my control pages?
Can I have more than one control page?
Can I use a control page on both the DR6 and the HAL web server?
How does the end-user change from one control page to another?
Do I need a HAL device to test control pages?
Is there a way to control who can access control pages during normal operation of the HAL system?

Advanced Topics

Can a control be read-only on a control page?
Can more than one device access HAL web control pages at the same time?
Can an external control system connect and interact with HAL when control pages are in use?
Can I test web controls using the HAL's static or DHCP IP address?

Best Practices

What are some best practices when designing and working with control pages?