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About Presets

This topic contains the background information you need to work effectively with HAL System presets. In addition to reviewing these conceptual details and best practices, we highly recommend that you review the included preset examples and the detailed descriptions of the various preset tasks you can perform.

What is a preset and why would I use one?
What can I store in a preset?
What happens when a preset is applied to the system?
What happens if the same block exists in multiple active presets?
Are there different ways of controlling presets? If so, what are the different control types? Which approach should I use?
What is the Baseline preset and why do I care?
How do I create a preset?
Once I've created my presets, how do I give the end user control over the preset?
If an end user remotely changes a preset value (for example, increases the volume), can I capture that new value for future use?
Is there a recommended work flow for creating presets?
What are some best practices when designing and working with presets?