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RAD26 - One Room RAD


The RAD26 provides support for all of the audio I/O and control required to support a typical small room in a larger distributed audio system. Spa rooms, meeting rooms, group study rooms, and small conference rooms all require some set of the following features:

A wall mount RAD26 provides all the essential elements required for a small room with only one HAL-connected, shielded CAT 5e or better cable providing audio I/O, control and power.

The RAD26 is an input, output, amplifier and control solution for small rooms within a larger sound system. Hotels with small meeting rooms and spa rooms require local inputs and control and must also receive paging from elsewhere in the building. Many offices and campuses provide meeting and conference rooms for small groups which must support in-room A/V presentations but also receive emergency pages and announcements.

Key Features
Connection Diagram
Application Example - Meeting or Classroom
Application Example - Hotel or Cruise Ship Guest Room
Application Example - Massage Studio

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