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To use the files from the Crestron Support Package and follow along with the examples you will need:

Although you will ultimately connect a HAL to your control system all of the integration and testing can be accomplished without a HAL.

This guide assumes that the reader has had some exposure to Crestron programming and is able to navigate the Crestron software. A typical workflow for developing a Crestron application is:

• Configure your Crestron controller, touch panel[s] and TCP/IP connections to other devices in the SIMPL Windows Configuration Manager.

• Add logic symbols to the SIMPL Windows Program View and name their signals so that the routing results in the desired program.

• Compile the program and transfer it to your controller.

• Draw a custom touch panel user interface in Vision Tool Pro-e.

• Join button and slider numbers in the user interface with digital and analog inputs and outputs in the program.

• Compile the user interface and transfer it to your touch panel[s].

Once your application is running you can use the SIMPL debugger in Crestron Toolbox to pinpoint mistakes in your program by watching how signal states change as you interact with your touch panel[s].