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Conference Room Processor Splitter Blocks

There are four Splitter blocks in each Room Processor contained in a Conference Room Combine block. These blocks have no user-adjustable properties and simply show which base rooms the four Room Processor outputs are routed to.

The Room Processor for Room A returns the four output signals to the base room as shown below:

Room Processor Properties (Selector Block)


The Room Processor for Room A+B+C returns the four output signals to all three combined base rooms as shown below:

To access this block, locate the relevant Room Combine Processor block on your Processing Map and open its properties. Click the Room Processors tab. Locate the relevant Room Processor block and open its properties.

For more detailed information on use cases for returning common signals to each base room, see an Introduction to Conferencing.

note: The signal path through the block is pre-wired and cannot be changed.

For more details, see the Conference Room Processor Block and Conference Room Combine.

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