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Available Digital Remote Models

Following are the types of DRs currently available for your HAL System. The DR models available will vary over time as Rane's engineers ponder and design new and better ways to remotely control an audio system. For the most current list of DRs, see the Rane website.

note: Several of the DRs mount inside a US one-gang or two-gang switchbox (DR1, DR2, DR3, and DR5). See the Rane website for a detailed listing of acceptable models of switchboxes. Note that the Decora plates are also included with the DR1, DR2, and DR3.

note for drag net users: Remember the SR3 remote for Drag Net systems and how it was too wide to allow the mounting of two or more of them beside each other in a standard switch box? You will be happy to know that the HAL System DRs can be mounted directly beside each other in any combination, allowing you to use several DRs in the same two, three, or four-gang switchbox.

note: DR1, DR2, and DR3 display screens are dynamic, automatically updating when the available options change through preset activation, room combining, and so on. Therefore, the user always sees the options that are currently available.


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