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Discontinued HAL Models

This section describes HAL models that are no longer in production. For the most current list of HAL models, see the Rane website. Data Sheets for discontinued models may also be downloaded from the Rane website.

The following devices are no longer available: HAL1, EXP1, and HAL3.

While Rane no longer produces the HAL3, Halogen software continues to provide support for this product, allowing customers to:

To build a new HAL configuration with a discontinued HAL, see Creating Configurations with Discontinued HAL devices below.

note: Halogen no longer supports the HAL1 and EXP1 devices. If you would like to create or update a HAL1 configuration, use Halogen version 4.1.1 or earlier. To run multiple versions of Halogen on your PC, see this blog post on

HAL1 (Replaced by HAL1x)
HAL3 (Replaced by HAL3s)
Creating Configurations with Discontinued HAL devices

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