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Wiring Blocks

To configure the audio routing you want, wire together the blocks you have dragged into the Processing Workspace. Each block contains one or more nodes which you use to make a connection/wire. The input nodes are on the left, while the output nodes are on the right:

Halogen displays all blocks in the processing map in this orientation (inputs on the left and outputs on the right) so in most cases the best workflow is to wire the blocks together from left to right, that is from block output to block input. You can connect a single output node to any number of input nodes.

This section provides an overview of the many ways Halogen allows you to wire your blocks together, including ways to route the wires to keep your processing map looking good, and also tips for how to spend less time wiring. All wiring is done in the Processing Workspace and to get there, click in the Processing tab in the upper right area of the Halogen application window.

Wiring one block node to another
Routing a wire for better appearance
Getting the wire bends right
Changing a wire's path
Connecting an output to multiple inputs
Modifying a multi-branch wire
Creating multiple wires at the same time
Improving the appearance of multiple wire routing
Connecting multiple new wires to multiple existing wires

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