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Moving a Participant from One Control Link to Another

This procedure outlines how you can manually move a participant from one control link to another, permanently removing the control from the first link and adding it to the other link.

note: If your intention is to temporarily activate the participant in another link, you may want to consider using priorities and/or presets.

To move a participant from one link to another:

  1. In the Processing Workspace, locate the control you want to move as well as a participating control in the target link (the link to which you are moving the control). For example, if you are moving a DR1 Level control from Link1 to Link2, you would locate the DR1 Level control as well as a control participating in Link2.)
  2. Drag the link icon for the control you are moving and drop it on the link icon of the target control. Halogen displays the following prompt:
  3. Select both the Remove From Link and Create New Link checkboxes, and then click OK.
  4. note: If you are moving the participant and adding it to an existing link, an Add To Link checkbox would appear.

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