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Using PuTTY to Test External Control Systems

The Halogen/HAL external control message protocol is ASCII text based, which means that you can use a standard telnet client to connect to the control server and exchange messages. This is often useful when developing and testing a HAL configuration that contains external controls, either to monitor the operation of your external control system or to serve as a simple form of external control system before the production system is ready or available.

Any telnet client will work, but this section shows how to do this with PuTTY, an open source telnet client application that is free, easy to install and use, and runs on all versions of Windows.

How to obtain and install PuTTY
Starting PuTTY and configuring it for communications with the Halogen control server
To connect to the Halogen external control server, do the following:
To connect to the HAL external control server, do the following:
Communicating with the Halogen/HAL control server
How to use PuTTY when testing external control systems