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Testing External Controls

Since external controls participate in links just like any other HAL control, you can initially test the links within Halogen immediately after you create the controls and link them together. See Testing a Control Link for details on how to do this.

For external controls, however, there is more testing that you can do with Halogen even if you don’t have your HAL hardware yet. The same external control server that runs in the HAL hardware is built into Halogen. This means you can use Halogen to test external controls either with your real external control system or with a relatively simple ‘telnet’ connection.

The simplest way to get started is to run a telnet client application on the same PC you’re using to run Halogen. You can then connect the telnet client to the Halogen control server and use it to send and receive control system messages.

If you don’t already have a suitable telnet client installed on your PC see Using PuTTY to Test External Control Systems. Here we will use PuTTY as the telnet client – all screen shots are of a PuTTY window that is connected to the running Halogen application that is configured with one control of each type – Command, Level, Toggle, and Selector.

note: The built-in external control server is only available when Halogen is not connected to a HAL host device. Once connected to a HAL, Halogen shuts down its own control server, assuming that you’ll use the external control server that resides in the HAL.

To establish a telnet connection with the Halogen control server using a telnet client, connect to the localhost IP address on your PC (which is also IP address, port 4996. This is assuming that you are running the telnet client on the same PC as Halogen. If your telnet client is running on a different PC, you can use the IP address of your PC that is running Halogen in place of localhost.

Example Configuration

This section uses a HAL1 configuration that has four external controls configured and linked to other controls as follows:

A Command external control with number 0 linked to the Assert button of a Command preset

A Level external control with number 1 linked to the Level control of a Level block

A Toggle external control with number 2 linked to the Mute toggle control of a Level block

A Selector external control with number 3 linked to the selector control of a selector block selector that has four selections: Input 1, Input 2, Input 3, and Input 4.

To test the Command external control:
To test the Level external control:
To test the Toggle external control:
To test the Selector external control: