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Cut/Copy/Paste Workspace Items

Halogen allows you to cut, copy, and paste blocks in your Processing Map. Following are several examples of when this functionality would be useful:

To cut/copy/paste items in the Processing Map:

  1. In your Processing Map (in the Processing Workspace), right click the block(s) you want to cut or copy.
  2. note: You can copy multiple blocks by first selecting them, and then right clicking on any of the selected blocks.

  3. In the menu that appears, click Cut (if you're relocating the block(s)) or Copy (if you're copying the block(s)).
  4. Right click the location where you want to paste the block(s). You can paste the block(s) in an empty area or, if pasting a single block, you can paste it onto an existing block of the same type (it copies the block's configuration to the existing block).
  5. warning! There are a few exceptions regarding the blocks you can copy. You cannot paste a Room Combine Processor block onto another existing Room Combine Processor block. You also cannot copy a Room Processor block.

  6. In the menu that appears, click Paste. The copied blocks appear.
  7. note: A block's preset and control link participation is not copied.