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Connecting to a HAL Device

Only one user can be connected to a HAL device at any given time. When a connection is established, the HAL device is locked and all other users are blocked from connecting to it. If a HAL is locked, its connection status in the Connect to Device dialog box displays a lock icon: Lock Icon.

To connect to a HAL device:

  1. From the Device menu in the application toolbar, click Connect: Application Toolbar-Connect
  2. In the Connect to Device dialog box that appears, find the HAL device you want:
  3. Click the Connect button associated with that HAL device.

tip: To quickly connect to a HAL device, click the down arrow next to the Connect icon to see a list of detected and available HAL devices. (For a HAL device to be available, it must not be locked by another user and its firmware version must match your Halogen version.)

warning! If your HAL device is located behind a network router, the HAL will not automatically appear. You must, instead, type its IP address in the Search field. Halogen then searches for it and, once discovered, displays it.

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