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Moving Blocks Within the Processing Map

Halogen is an extremely flexible application, and one of the features that makes it so flexible is the ability to place blocks anywhere you like in the Processing Map. You can group the blocks to best fit what you are currently doing and then rearrange them later, if desired. If you have wired a block to one or more other blocks, these connections remain intact when you move a block to a new location.

To move a block within the Processing Map:

note: If you connect all your blocks and then move them around, the wires connecting the blocks may cross and become hard to decipher. To ensure a clear view of the system, you may want to move your blocks to the desired location prior to connecting them — or you can simply adjust their locations or wire paths to appear as clean as possible. See Wiring Blocks and Using Wire Tags for information of how to simplify your wiring.

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