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Customizing Display Labels on a DR

You can customize the names of your control devices (DRs) that appear within Halogen as well as the overall label and/or individual item labels displayed to the end user on the DR LCD screen. This procedure outlines how to customize the display labels seen by end users.

To customize the display labels on a DR LCD screen:

  1. Click the Processing tab to open the Processing Workspace.
  2. Click the Control tab.
  3. In the palette, locate the DR whose display labels you want to customize.
  4. Click the DR control hyperlink to open its property dialog: Some DRs have multiple controls. Click each control's hyperlink to customize its display label.
  1. Type the display label(s) you want:

note: When customizing display labels a yellow icon and border is displayed if the label does not fit on the device display screen.

note: When entering names and other text, such as labels and notes, you can use nearly any Latin character and many symbols. For more details, see Allowed Display Characters.

warning! Halogen stores display names for DR controls in the baseline preset and in any other presets that you've added the control to. This means that after you have changed a DR display name, you should update the control in the appropriate presets. If you don't, the next time a preset that includes the control (including the baseline) is activated, the display label that you just entered is lost. To update a DR control in the baseline preset after changing the display name, right-click on the control name in the Control Palette and select Save Control to Baseline.

note: You can also set DR display labels, see a simulator of the DR display, and view and set other DR values in the property dialog for the DR in the Processing Workspace. For more information, see Digital Remote Device Control Properties.

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