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Naming or Renaming an I/O Channel

You cannot rename an I/O channel from the I/O palette. Only I/O blocks that you have added to your Processing Map are available for channel renaming. This procedure assumes you have already added one or more I/O blocks to your Processing Map.

note: The process for renaming a channel is the same as for renaming a block.

To name or rename an I/O channel:

  1. Click the Processing tab to open the Processing Workspace.
  2. In the Processing Map, locate the block containing the channel(s) you want to name or rename.
  3. Hover your cursor directly over the channel name until a text symbol appears:
  1. Click to display an edit box:
  2. Type the name you want, and then press Enter or click the X on the right side of the edit box. To cancel, press the Esc key.

note: When entering names and other text, such as labels and notes, you can use nearly any Latin character and many symbols. For more details, see Allowed Display Characters.