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Assigning Scenarios to a Paging Station

To establish which Paging Scenarios a Paging Station can page into, you assign those Scenarios to the Paging Station. You must, of course, create the Paging Station before you can assign Scenarios to it.

To assign Scenarios to a Paging Station:

  1. In the Processing Workspace toolbar, click Paging Manager.
  2. In the Stations section, select the Paging Station to which you want to assign one or more Scenarios. Select the Station by clicking anywhere except on the hyperlink.
  3. In the Scenarios section, check the Scenarios you want to assign to this Paging Station. The names of the checked Scenarios will appear on the Paging Station display (if using the Pager1 or a DR linked to a Paging Station block's Scenario selector).
  4. note: If you later want to change which Scenarios are assigned to the Paging System, simply deselect a Scenario checkbox to remove it and select a Scenario checkbox to add it.

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