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Creating and Working with Paging Scenarios

You create Paging Scenarios and populate them with one or more Paging Zones, giving you a vehicle for creating various combinations of Paging Zones to page into. You always page into Scenarios, never into individual Zones (although a Scenario may contain an individual Paging Zone). The procedures outlined below explain how to create, customize, and edit Paging Scenarios. For more details on Paging Scenarios and how they fit in with the rest of the paging system, see About Paging.

tip: If possible, create all of your Paging Zones before creating your Scenarios. You can add and delete Zones from Scenarios at any time, but it is easier to create a comprehensive paging system if all of your Zones are available in the Paging Manager when you begin creation of your Scenarios. You may also want to create all of your Paging Stations before creating Scenarios, as thinking in terms of a Paging Station can help you define what your Scenarios should be.

To create a Paging Scenario
To edit a Paging Scenario
To delete a Paging Scenario

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