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Resetting a Preset's Scratch Pad

If you have enabled a preset's Scratch Pad, but would like to return to the preset's original values yet keep the Scratch Pad enabled, you can reset the Scratch Pad. Imagine the Scratch Pad literally being a piece of paper on which changed values have been recorded. When you reset it, the paper is wiped clean. If you were to disable it instead, the entire piece of paper would be tossed.

warning! Avoid resetting a Scratch Pad for a preset that is active. Why? Your intent is likely to wipe the Scratch Pad clean. But your intent is also to keep the Scratch Pad enabled. If the preset is active, as soon as the Scratch Pad resets, it saves the current working values—thus you are back where you started! Therefore, it is best to reset a preset's Scratch Pad when the preset is not active or when you are offline.

For more details about the Scratch Pad, see About Presets.

To reset a preset's Scratch Pad:

  1. In the Processing Workspace toolbar, click Presets to open the All Presets dialog box.

  2. In the All Presets dialog box, click the name of the preset you want. This action displays the preset's properties dialog box.
  3. In the upper area of the dialog box, click the Scratch Pad down arrow to display its options.
  4. Click Reset.

note: You can expose the Scratch Pad Reset control by linking it to a remote device, such as a DR2 or DR3. This is a rather sophisticated control to expose, however, so tread carefully if you decide to do so!

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