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Saving a HAL Configuration to a File

Suppose you already have a HAL System up and running but have decided a few tweaks are needed. You make the changes, everyone is happy with the sound, and you now want to save this new configuration to a file (because you know that a backup file is critical if you want to return to this configuration at a later date).

To save a HAL configuration to a configuration file:

  1. Connect to the HAL device.
  2. From the File menu in the application toolbar, click Save or Save As.: Save and Save As Toolbar Icons
  3. When prompted, type the filename for this new configuration file. All Halogen configuration filenames have an extension of .hal and, by default, are stored in the C:\\Users\<username>\My Documents\Halogen Configs folder. You can save the file to a different location if desired, however.

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