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Troubleshooting DR Devices

The following table details possible causes and solutions if your DR is not functioning properly. If you detect a problem with a DR, we recommend first checking the HAL to determine if the problem is originating there.

DR LCD Display Possible Causes Suggested Action
A flashing P appears in the upper left corner, indicating the DR is not receiving enough power. The HAL is not powered. Power on the HAL.
A mis-wired or broken cable is disrupting power to the DR. Use a cable tester to verify shielded CAT 5e termination.
If using a punch block, verify that the brown pair is properly punched. (Assuming T568B termination).
The cable is not plugged into a HAL. Plugging the DR cable into some other device (like an Ethernet switch) will not supply power to the DR.
The shielded CAT 5e cable between the DR and the HAL is too long. Shorten the cable!
There is excessive voltage drop between the HAL and DR. Verify it is 24 AWG (or heavier) cable.
Verify the cable length from HAL to DR has not exceeded 150 meters.
A spinning wheel and the words Connecting ... never go away. The twisted pair in the shielded CAT 5e cable that carries communications data is mis-wired or broken. Use a cable tester to verify the wiring of the shielded CAT 5e cable.
If using a punch block, verify that the orange pair is properly punched (assuming T568B termination).
A flashing exclamation point and the words Configuration Mismatch. The physical DR model detected on the port does not match the configured model for that port.

See Resolving Device Mismatch, Missing or Unexpected.

A flashing L appears in the upper right corner. The LCD backlight flashes on and off. The DR is in Locate mode. End Locate mode for that DR from within Halogen.
The display is blank, yet the DR is connected to a live HAL. The DR control is configured as a Selector but is not properly linked to another Selector control. In Halogen, create or fix the control link.
The DR control is configured as a Toggles/Commands control or as a List of Levels control, but no toggles, commands, or levels are defined. In Halogen, add the appropriate toggles, commands, or levels to this DR.


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