LT 22 Line Transformer

LT 22 Line Transformer


  • 2 Channels of Balanced Isolation
  • Nickel Core “80” Ni Transformers Provide Wide Bandwidth, Low Distortion
  • +24 dBu Maximum Levels

LT 22 Line Transformer

The LT 22 is a line-level two channel isolation box. Each channel contains a low distortion, high output, wide bandwidth, nickel-core output transformer.

The LT 22 is an easy and convenient way to add output transformers to any line-level equipment. The Inputs and Outputs may be configured as balanced or unbalanced as required.

The LT 22 is the quick and affordable answer to all jobs requiring output balancing or isolation transformers. The Euroblock connections provide maximum installation flexibility and cost savings.

The BB 22’s isolation transformers provide a quick and affordable answer to most jobs requiring signal level conversion and output balancing.

LT 22 Applications

The LT 22 fills the need of adding output isolation balancing transformers to any line-level equipment. It is a convenient alternative to the expense and clutter of adding loose or in-line transformers. The steel enclosure with mounting flanges provide an easy installation anywhere.

No special instructions are necessary when wiring the LT 22. Use high-quality wire and choose the grounding method appropriate for the application. Inputs or outputs may be balanced or unbalanced in any combination. Connect unbalanced signal to the (+) terminal and shields to the (–) terminal.

Signal Direction
This is a 1:1 isolation transformer with no level changes. Signal can be isolated either direction through this unit.

Chassis Grounding
#6-32 screw terminals are provided for chassis grounding purposes. Good practice dictates earth-grounding the LT 22. If grounding integrity is in doubt, run a wire from one of these screws to a known earth ground.


BB 22 Block Diagram

LT 22 Top & Rear

BB 22 Dimensions

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