MA 6S Multichannel Amplifier

MA 6S Multichannel Amplifier

  • 6 Independent Amplifiers
  • 100W per Channel Continuous Average Power into 8Ω, 20-20k Hz
  • 150W per Channel Continuous Average Power into 4Ω, 20-20k Hz
  • 300W per Channel, Bridged Pairs (3 channels) into 8Ω, 20-20k Hz
  • Input Sensitivity Controls
  • Input Protection Overload
  • 80 Hz High-Pass Filter Option Per Channel
  • Ready, Safe Operating Area (SOA), & Clip Limit Indicators
  • Quiet Variable Speed Fan
  • UL Listed / CSA Certified / Meets CE Requirements

This product is discontinued. Please see the Rane MA 4 Multichannel Amplifier.

Previous versions of the MA 6 Amplifier are found here.

MA 6S Multichannel Amplifier

The Rane Model MA 6S Multichannel Amplifier supplies six completely independent amplifier channels in one 3-space rack-mount unit. Each channel delivers 100 watts rms into an eight ohm load, or 150 watts each into a four ohm load. Adjacent pairs of channels (1&2, 3&4, 5&6) may operate bridged to provide 300 watts into an eight ohm load.

Each channel of the MA 6S includes an input Voltage Controlled Attenuator (VCA). This carefully designed VCA prevents clipping at the output of the amplifier for any load for up to 15 dB of input overdrive. This VCA provides additional headroom to each channel, making the 100 watt ratings effectively much higher, and the results much louder.

All channels of the MA 6S are completely independent. Each is contained on its own circuit board making it immune to the actions of any other channel. Power is distributed to each channel from one master high current power supply, however the power supply is designed so that signal may not back-feed from a heavily loaded channel to any other channel. This makes power supply cross talk between channels inaudible.

The heavy gauge all-steel construction of the MA 6S offers a high level of mechanical integrity, even when the amplifier is rack-mounted and unsupported in the rear. As an added benefit, mounting holes are provided on the side rails so the amplifier may be supported from the back.

KTM 6 Transformer Panel

KTM6 Front

The Rane KTM 6 is a panel kit used to mount amplifier distribution transformers for the MA 6S. Three different transformers will fit:

  • Model TF170: 100 W with 70.7 Vrms and 25 Vrms output taps discontinued
  • Model TF110: 100 W with a 100 Vrms tap discontinued
  • Model TF370: 300 W with 70.7 Vrms and 25 Vrms output taps. discontinued

These transformers are user-mounted to a 19" wide rack-mount steel panel. Up to six 100 watt transformers or three 300 watt transformers can mount to the panel. 100 watt and 300 watt transformers can be mixed and matched. Some useable configurations: six 100 watt transformers...four 100 watt and one 300 watt transformers...two 100 watt and two 300 watt transformers... or three 300 watt transformers.

KTM6 Rear

The KTM 6 panel and transformers are ordered and shipped in separate packages.
Note: These are true transformers, not autoformers.

KTM6 Rear

These transformers are no longer available from Rane.

MA 6S Support

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MA 6S Multichannel Amplifier