MRS4 Memory Recall Remote

The MRS4 has been discontinued.

The MRS4 provides a simple solution to recalling Memories from a remote location for products having an MRP (Memory Recall Port), a VIP (Versatile Input Port) or a Logic Input Port. The MRS4 fits in a standard US electrical box and can be paired with a Decora™ plate.

The MRS4 allows up to four Memories to be recalled by contact closure. These are radio buttons: engaging one button (in, changing to green) causes any of the other three to disengage (out, changing to black). Space is provided next to each button for labelling. Consult the Operators Manual of the connected Rane equipment for details on Memory recall functions. The MRS4 works with any of the Drag Net RPM Series Processors, the DA 26S Commercial Processor, and with the Logic Input Ports on HAL Multiprocessors.

MRS 4 Memory Recall Remote

Remote Mounting and Wiring

The MRS4 remote assembly mounts in a standard U.S. electrical box with a minimum depth of 2.5".

Turn the power to the unit off until all connections are made. It is important to ensure that the Remote or Logic Ports are not subjected to sustained voltages outside the range of 0 to 5 volts DC or high levels of static. Inputs are protected, however caution is the better part know. It is a good idea to install the wiring, connect it to the Remote and then make the final connections at the unit. When wiring to Euroblocks, a minimum wire gauge of 22 is preferred for reliability.

Use the flat head #6 screws supplied with the kit to mount the remote assembly and silkscreened front panel to the electrical box. Install the Decora plate of your choice (not included).

MRS 4 Assembly

Wire Types

You may use 5-conductor unshielded remote control signal cable for shorter runs (less than 200 ft.) or 4-conductor (2 pair) shielded remote control signal cable (use the shield as the GND return) for longer runs (200 to 1000 ft.). The type of wire required is influenced by your installation and local electrical codes. Variations in wire type do not greatly affect the performance of the remote controls. Rane does not provide or source cable. Please contact your local retail or wholesale outlet, not the Rane factory.
The following is a short list of suitable cable types:

Plenum cable:
Unshielded remote control signal cable CAT. #9896
Shielded remote control signal cable CAT. #9877 or #9852

Communication and control cable:
Multiconductor, unshielded CAT. #7606

Communication and control cable:
Multiconductor, unshielded CAT. #1175C

Unshielded remote control signal cable CAT. #88741
Shielded remote control signal cable CAT. #88723


MRS 4 Schematic


MRS4 Technical Support

Can I wire multiple MRS4 to an RPM unit?
No, only a single MRS4 may be connected to the VIP terminals on an RPM device. However one MRS4 may be connected to multiple RPM unit VIP terminals, providing memory recalls through different RPM products.

"How do I mount Rane Decora remotes in a rack?"
We recommend Lowell rack panels.

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