Fader Care and Replacement

Pot Maintenance

Although Rane does not expect slider or rotary pots to need routine cleaning, there are certain harsh environments where this may prove beneficial. These instructions are only for audio slider and rotary potentiometers, and not for the no-contact magnetic faders found in our newer DJ mixers. See this article for help with magnetic faders.

Lubricant / Cleaner
Rane recommends CAIG LaboratoriesDeoxIT® Fader F-Series 5% Solution.


  1. Make sure the equipment is turned off, and preferably unplugged.
  2. Position the fader to be cleaned in such a way that it is easily accessible.
  3. Cover and protect any finished surface which may be affected by over-spray.
  4. Using the spray tube, apply three short bursts of DeoxIT Fader 5% carefully into the control. This is CAIG part number F5S-H6 in a 5 ounce aerosol. If done regularly, in many situations this is sufficient maintenance and no further lubrication is necessary.
  5. Operate the control through its entire travel to distribute the cleaner.
  6. Collect any excess cleaner and prevent it from flowing uncontrolled.
  7. Again, work the lubricant into the device by operating the control repeatedly.
  8. At this point the control should be operational. If fader performance is questionable then replacement of the pot is the only sure remedy.

Maintenance Intervals
Products which are used in harsh environments should be cleaned and lubricated regularly, the interval can be annual, or determined by the user. Slide controls that are scratchy, intermittent or mechanically binding should be cleaned immediately to prevent further wear to the component.


If cleaning didn't help, and you need a new fader or crossfader, your local dealer may be able to help. The Rane Factory can be reached by phone or email for parts not found in the online Store. If you are in another country, your distributor may be able to get your part.

Which Fader Do You Need?

  • MP 22, MP 24: Order 00907 pot only for earliest mixers. This part must be soldered in place,* even if you have a plug-in assembly.
  • MM 8x, MP 22x, MP 24x: The metal plate has Active Crossfader printed on it. The original pot is no longer available. Use an F45 or F60 with FX Crossfader Adapter part 16832. Call the Rane Factory or your distributor for the parts and installation instructions.
  • MM 8z, MP 22z, MP 24z, XP 2016, XP 2016a: Order 16251 Active Crossfader for the Z-series mixers. The metal plate has F60 printed on it.
    For a shorter fader, order the 10230 Active Crossfader for Z-series mixers. The metal plate has F45 printed on it.
    If you can solder, the 60 mm pot-only part is 08755.
  • XP 2016S: Order 17390 Active Crossfader. This is F60X from your dealer.
  • MP 2, MP 2s, MP 4, MP 4s, MP 44: Order 11646 60 millimeter Crossfader Assembly. No metal plate; just a pot on a circuit board.
    If you can solder, the pot-only part is 08755.
  • TTM 52, TTM 52i, TTM 54, TTM 54i: Order 16254 Active Crossfader. It does not have a metal plate, just a pot on a circuit board. All three faders are the same, so any fader can replace any other.
    If you can solder, the pot-only part is 09524.
    This is the FT45 from your dealer.
  • Empath: Order: 12694 Active Crossfader for only the Empath.
    This is FPG45 from your dealer.
  • TTM 56, TTM 56S, TTM 57SL: Order 20641 Magnetic fader and crossfader assemblies for the TTM 56, 56S and TTM 57SL Mixers.
    This is Magnetic Fader V1 from your dealer.
  • MP25, MP26, Sixty-Series Mixers: Order 20931 Magnetic Crossfader for the MP25, MP26, and Sixty-series Mixers. This is only the crossfader for the Sixty-Four and Sixty-Eight, the channel faders are not magnetic on these two mixers.
    This is Magnetic Fader V2 from your dealer.
  • Any other fader or pot: Contact Rane or your country distributor. Your serial number will be required to get the right part.

Crossfader Notes

  • Crossfader types do not interchange (i.e. you can't put a "z" type in an "x" version mixer).
  • If you buy a pot only intending to solder it in yourself, it comes as is.
  • An authorized service center must solder the pot in place for warranty to apply.
  • Red numbers are parts that must be soldered in place.
  • Maroon numbers can be ordered as parts by calling Rane or your Distributor.

*Original MP 22 and MP 24 Crossfaders

The original MP 22 and second generation MP 24 mixers use a plug-in crossfader (it just has CROSSFADE on the metal plate) which Rane no longer carries. We do have the pot available, but you must solder it in place and reuse the plug-in hardware. If you've lost the crossfader assembly for an MP 22 or MP 24 you're out of luck. We no longer have any crossfader assembly parts for these decade-old units. This pot also fits the original MP 24 which has a power switch on the front panel, and does not use a plug-in crossfader. Any mixer before the "x" version (MP 22 or MP 24) no longer has a plug-in assembly available. For the MP 22 and MP 24 order a  replacement pot like this:

This is part number 00907. Do not discard the plug-in assembly from an MP 22 or MP 24 as we no longer have any spares available. In other words, if you've lost or tossed the assembly you're out of luck. The mixer will "work" without a crossfader, but it's just not the same.

When ordering a crossfader assembly not found in the online store, you must provide the mixer's serial number. No serial number means no return if it doesn't fit!