Serato Technical Support


Support for Serato DJ and Scratch Live software is provided for the life of your Rane hardware. Several support avenues are available:

  • Check Rane DJ Support, the answer might be there.
  • 24-hour Serato Forum has support from Rane and Serato staff and thousands of other DJs.
  • 24-hour Support Help Requests, FAQs, Videos, Articles are at
  • Phone support for USA customers from the Rane Factory at 425-355-6000 is only available 8:30 AM to 1PM and 2PM to 5PM Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Friday, closed on US holidays. Our current time is .
  • International customers may receive phone support from your distributor during their business hours.
  • Serato direct support by email is answered most non-holiday New Zealand weekdays, Monday through Friday.
  • Serato direct support by a phone call to New Zealand is answered most non-holiday weekdays, Monday through Friday 10AM to 6PM, New Zealand time. The phone number and office hours are at this Serato page, and a note at the bottom shows if the office is open or closed. From the USA or Canada, dial 011 first, and then their number. This link will help you from other countries and time zones. Note that most cell phones are not able to call internationally, so use a land line.
  • Rane factory support by email is answered most non-holiday USA weekdays, Monday through Friday:
    • Email Zach
    • Email Shaun
    • Email Rafael (English or Spanish)

Rane warrants the hardware made for Serato DJ or Scratch Live (SL1, SL2, SL3, SL4, MP4, TTM 57SL, Sixty-One, Sixty-Two, Sixty-Four, Sixty-Eight) purchased in the U.S.A. against defects in material or workmanship for two (2) years from date of purchase. A completely filled out and returned warranty card or online registration increases this warranty to a period of three (3) years.


Serato Video is compatible with Rane hardware for Scratch Live, but is only sold and supported by Serato. Rane is unable to provide technical support for any video products, including Video-SL or Serato Video. Technical support options are at


The Bridge is a product of Serato and Ableton. The Bridge can work with Rane hardware, but Rane is unable to provide technical support. Technical support options are at


Rane does not make hardware for Serato ITCH. Technical support options are at


Rane does not make hardware for Serato DJ Intro. Technical support options are at

The Rane and Serato Relationship

  • "Scratch Live" is a digital DJ solution that comprises of software, hardware and Control Vinyl / CD.
  • "Scratch Live" is the result of a collaboration between Serato and Rane.
  • Serato is the company that invented "Serato Scratch Live" and develops the software application.
  • Serato holds copyright on the Serato Control Vinyl and CD.
  • Rane is the company that manufactures the hardware necessary to operate a fully functional Scratch Live system utilizing Serato Control Vinyl and CD.
  • Rane & Serato both provide technical support for Scratch Live hardware and software.
  • Rane does not provide technical support for other Serato products.