SM82S Stereo Line Mixer

SM82S Stereo Line Mixer


  • 8 stereo Input channels
  • 1 stereo Auxiliary Send
  • 1 stereo Auxiliary Return
  • Stereo input Balance controls
  • Mono Input Pan controls
  • Balanced stereo Output
  • Expandable to / from other mixers


  • Compact Keyboard mixer
  • Compact Wireless mic mixer
  • Add more inputs to other mixers

SM82S Stereo Line Mixer

The Rane SM82S is a product offering incredible power and versatility. It is the equivalent of a sixteen channel mixer in one rack space. Measuring only 5.25 inches deep, it can do the job of mixers costing several times as much while only occupying a fraction of the rack space. It is ideally suited for keyboards, synthesizer expander modules and drum machines, as well as such things as effects mixing in guitar racks. It also functions as an excellent submixer for stereo line inputs and effects to a larger console. Because of shorter internal signal paths, it is much cleaner than many mixers ten times the cost and size.

Each of the eight Stereo (two channel) input channels feature a stereo rotary input Level control, a stereo aux Send level control slider and a left to right Balance control slider. When a single mono input is used, the Balance control acts as a pan pot. The aux return section provides a rotary Return Level control and a slide control for left to right Balance. The output stage includes a rotary Output Level control and a slide control for left to right Balance.

The human engineering applied to the SM82S makes it extremely easy to operate. The segregation of function between rotary and slide controls (rotary for all input and output Levels and slide for Balance and Send) makes it simple to use, even in the dark.

The SM82S is expandable using the 1/4" TRS Main Expand Input and Output jacks. Expansion is as simple as connecting a stereo 1/4" jumper cable from the first unit’s Expand Output jack to the second unit’s Expand Input jack. Now, two SM82S units create a 16 channel stereo (32 input) line level Mixer in just two rack spaces. Or, 24 channel stereo (48 input) Mixer in just three rack spaces. You get the idea!

One of the most unusual features of the SM82S is its inherent immunity from noise. All eight of the stereo inputs may be turned all the way up without increasing the internal noise of the mixer. This is critical due to the wide variation in output levels found in musical instruments and tape devices. A fairly low-level guitar may be combined in the same system with a high level synthesizer without any undesirable side-effects. The SM82S eliminates the concerns normally associated with mixing so-called -l0 dBV units with +4 dBu types.

Block Diagram

SM82S Block Diagram

SM82S Music Application

SM82S keyboard mixer

The SM82S allows you to mix eight Stereo line level Inputs down to a main Stereo Output. Additionally you can create a separate Stereo Loop Send mix for driving any stereo, or mono, external processor, and then return from this processor into the Stereo Loop Return Inputs. The stereo Return Level control is used to set the desired mix of wet and dry signals.

For applications not requiring the looping facilities, the Loop Return Inputs double as a fully functional 9th Stereo Input, creating a 9-Input Stereo Mixer. When used this way, the Loop Send Outputs become a separate Stereo Output pair, useful for monitor sends, recording outputs, or any other application.

When not used for expansion, the Main Expand Output pair double as a pre-fader stereo mix, again useful as recording outputs, or any other fixed-level application. Here's an example of a 576-channel music mixing system using daisy-chained SM26 and SM82 Mixers.

Mono sources and external processors are handled easily by the SM82S. Connecting only to any Left Input Jack automatically routes this signal to the Right channel so an equal Left/Right signal is summed into the mains. Similarly, connecting only to the Left Loop Send output gives you an equal mono L+R output send for mono input processors.

The question arises regarding mic levels. Since the SM82S operates only at line levels, microphone applications require a separate preamplifier before connection.

SM82S Literature

Each unit is shipped with a booklet containing all of the above, the RaneNote "Sound System Interconnection," Declaration of Conformity, and Rane's 2+ Year Warranty information.

SM82S Support

Are the inputs balanced?

No. This piece is primarily aimed at the keyboard and similar sources. If you need fully balanced inputs use the SM26S or the MLM82S. However, the SM82S outputs are balanced.

Can I modify the unit's aux send to be pre fade?

This unit is really packed tightly and just doesn't allow room for this. The performance would be seriously compromised.

If the above doesn't answer your question:
Phone the Rane Factory at 425-355-6000, 8:30 AM to 5 PM PST, Monday to Friday.
Email is answered most weekdays from the Rane Factory Contacts.
USA Service and Warranty is listed by State.
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