TTM 56 Performance Mixer

TTM 56

The TTM 56 has been discontinued and replaced with the new and improved TTM 56S.

If you own a TTM 56, parts are still available through our online store or contacting the factory. The TTM 56 Transform switch has been replaced by a different Kill switch on the TTM 56S.

Technical Support

When I use the 1/4" balanced outputs, no signal comes out, but the RCA jacks work fine. Why?

Typically this is caused by incorrect adapters being used. There is a 1/4" to RCA adapter available which looks balanced at the 1/4" end, but it's not. There is no such thing as a balanced 1/4" to RCA adapter. Those which have two insulators (look for two black stripes) and resemble a common stereo headphone plug are just that: a stereo plug. It's not balanced and won't work in the 1/4" output jacks. The correct adapter is an unbalanced (i.e. "mono") 1/4" plug to RCA jack. This is not the best way to hookup the mixer, but usually can be done without damage. If no adapter is being used, check the wiring at the other end. A balanced 1/4" cable should connect to an XLR plug as follows: Tip = Pin 2, Ring = Pin 3 and Sleeve = Pin 1. Connect all three wires and do not short any of them together at either end.

When I use a single cup headphone the sound is distorted. What's wrong?

Single cup headphones are bad because they mono the left and right, which can distort or damage the mixer's high-power headphone amplifier.

What crossfaders can I install in my unit?

There are a few exceptions, but for the most part only one type of crossfader can be installed in any Rane mixer. Click here to see what the part numbers are in the Crossfader Replacement Chart.

Should I use a cleaner on the slide controls?

Absolutely! We use very high quality (high cost) slide pots and like a fine race car, maintenance is critical. If you keep the pot clean and lubricated it will last many years. If you neglect them then try to restore them with a generic cleaner you will just have to replace them. Don't just use any "contact cleaner", see our Detailed Slide Pot Care Procedure.

Will the no-contact magnetic fader work in any other mixers?

No. This very complicated precision device is engineered to work only within the TTM 56 architecture. It is not compatible with any other units.

How can I order a spare fader for my TTM 56?

We do not sell the complete fader for this mixer. It is not necessary to replace the entire fader. As a service spare part, the carrier assembly (part number 13188) is available. it consists of the Delrin housing, with magnet installed and pre-aligned torsion spring. This three-piece entity is all that will be necessary for field repairs. Any work beyond replacement of the carrier needs to be done here at the Rane factory. TTM 56 mixers are Factory Service Only so parts and schematics are not available outside the factory.

I've seen P & G faders available for the TTM 56 over the internet. Why doesn't Rane list them as an option?

Rane does not offer Penny and Giles faders for the TTM 56 because they will NOT work in the mixer. The circuitry which reads the no-contact magnetic faders is not calibrated and cannot be reset to operate with the P & G faders. Plugging in one of these devices will cause very abnormal responses from the mixer and should be avoided. Do not be fooled by the misinformation listed by some vendors on the internet. These are the facts from the company that designed the mixer.

The fader doesn't feel right. It seems to stick or bounce back a little. What can I do? Can I take out the spring or adjust it?

Oiling is the best way to address a fader drag problem. Remove the face plate and apply lubricant to the support rod near the spring.  If the rod is dirty, carefully clean with a lint free cloth before lubricating. A great way to polish the rods and remove accumulated contaminants is to tear off a strip of newspaper wide enough to fit around the exposed length of rod, and wrap it around the shaft. Then you can pull strip back and forth to buff the rod (think of it like polishing a shoe, but in reverse). Once this is done, the dirt will have been wiped away and a clean stainless shaft is ready for oiling. We recommend true silicone lubricant, commonly available at hardware stores and automotive parts retailers. Sewing machine oil is probably okay. Bending the spring may permanently damage it, and will void your warranty. When performing any maintenance, use common sense and proceed very carefully.

For those who wish to obtain almost zero drag on the fader, gently push the spring downwards towards the circuit board, and rotate out from under the rod, then release. The spring will be above the rod and not making contact. This setting allows the fader to move more easily.  This can make controlled fading difficult, because the fader moves freely when released. You will not hurt the fader operating it this way. Small mechanical parts are easily damaged, so use care when lubricating or moving the spring.

 I cannot figure out how to make the effects work. What am I doing wrong?

The TTM 56 does not have any built-in effects processor. You must connect a separate outboard unit.

 I cleaned / lubricated the fader and it feels better, but now it won't turn off all the way (bleeds) when I have the contour set to fastest cutoff. What happened?

The hall sensor got pushed (bent) and is now too far from the magnet. Look for a small black plastic device --- about 1/8" square --- just below the rods at each end of the fader, mounted on the circuit board. It needs to be perpendicular to the PCB. If the sensor has been "bumped" during cleaning / lubrication, then it will not be close enough for the magnet to "turn off" the fader completely, resulting in bleed. Fix the problem by gently bending the sensor towards the middle of the fader, closer to the magnet. It doesn't take much movement to get it correct, so proceed carefully. A paper clip used gently works well, as will a very small screwdriver. If you break the sensor off, you'll need to get another fader so be extra cautious.

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