from the owner

Your career in DJing and my career in hardware manufacturing probably started in very similar ways. In 1982 we started Rane in my basement. It wasn’t long before it took over my entire house. Your career probably started in your basement or garage or bedroom. It doesn’t take long before we needed to play out. You went to the clubs and I leased a commercial building.

The reasons behind our career choices have a lot of similarities. We wanted to express ourselves and be heard. We wanted to be the best at what we do and weren’t afraid of the hard work and crazy long hours. We still aren’t. We wanted to improve our art and weren’t worried about having everyone like us because we understand we have to be true to ourselves.

But here’s where we’re different. You’ll never see me on stage, but you’ll know I’m back at the factory in Mukilteo Washington building products that matter. I won’t hear the crowd roar for more, but you will. We’re not the artist, the performer, the musician, but we’re honored to be working for you who are.

You and I know all about working hard and having the desire to get it right. If you don’t own a piece of Rane gear yet, we hope to earn your consideration. If you do, thank you! It’s a privilege to be a part of your career and thank you for being a part of mine.

-Linda Arink

Co-Owner and Co-Founder of Rane Corporation

Pictured left to right: Dennis Bohn, Larry Winter, Linda Arink, Steve Brakken, Rick Bernard.