Rane Sixty-Four mixers are now shipping to a local Rane dealer near you. While you're waiting for your new mixer to arrive, check out this nicely done and informative user-submitted video by SeratoTutor.

In this video, SeratoTutor walks you through the Rane Sixty-Four mixer controls and how they're mapped to control Serato DJ.

Topics include:

  • Loading tracks
  • Triggering Cue Points
  • Triggering Saved Loops
  • Using Slip Mode
  • Triggering the SP-6 sample decks
  • Using Sync with DVS
  • Pitch range tricks using Relative Pitch Mode
  • Four-deck mixing with Sync
  • Using the Serato DJ iZotope software effects
  • Using the Sixty-Four Mic section as MIDI controls
  • Using the USB Insert for post fader effects

Do you have a quality Rane Sixty-Four mixer how-to tutorial or tips-and-tricks video you'd like to share? If so, please email a link to Shaunw@rane.com and we'll be happy to check it out.

For more information, please check our Rane Sixty-Four product page.

Big thanks to SeratoTutor for the great mixer overview. Keep up the great work!