Do you use a Rane Sixty-Two mixer and want to learn more about the powerful built-in effects? In this in-depth video tutorial Todd Konix (aka SeratoTutor) walks you through how to use each effect and how they sound.

  • Learn how to toggle between different effect types, settings and parameters using the joystick, Time knob and other hardware controls.
  • Learn how to use the software controls within the Scratch Live setup screen to toggle between different effect types and settings.
  • Learn how to setup your Sixty-Two for post-fader Scratch Live software effects, using the USB Insert with the DJ-FX plug-in.

The effects within the Rane Sixty-Two:

Filter (choose between):

• High-Pass Sync High

• High-Pass Sync Low

• Low-Pass Sync High

• Low-Pass Sync Low

Flanger (choose between modes):

• Positive Feedback

• Negative Feedback

Echo (choose between):

• Echo 

• High-Pass Echo

• Hold Echo 

• High-Pass Hold Echo

For High-Pass Echo and High Pass Hold Echo, you can adjust the cutoff frequency of the High-Pass filter.


• Bit crusher type effect with adjustable high or low pitch shift 


• Standard reverb with adjustable intensity and decay time