As hard drive storage space increases and the price for larger drives drop, the urge to consolidate everything to one drive is growing. This Rane Knowledge Base article will walk you through the process of properly consolidating Scratch Live libraries from multiple hard drives onto a single hard drive. Before attempting to move stuff around on your own, we highly recommend following these detailed how-to instructions.

Are you ready? OK, let's get started!

1. Keep Scratch Live closed

2. Starting with your first drive, create a new folder and name it “Hide from SSL”.

3. Locate your music files and folders and drop them all into the “Hide from SSL” folder

4. Open your second drive and repeat the same process. Create a new folder and call it “Hide from SSL”. Drop all of your music files and folders into the “Hide from SSL” folder.

5. If you have music stored on your internal drive that you want to consolidate, repeat the same processes. Create a new folder and call it "Hide from SSL". Drop all of your music files and folders into the "Hide from SSL" folder.

6. Connect your new “mega drive” and copy all your music files and folders into the new drive. In the example below, I copied all my music files and folders into a new folder called “Consolidated Music Library”

7. After your music files and folders from each drive are copied over to your “mega drive”, open Scratch Live and click the Rescan ID3 tags button found within the Files panel (see below picture). This will turn all you files pink to prepare them for relocating. 

8. When the rescan ID3 tag process is complete, click on your new “mega drive”, grab the folder your music was copied into (mine is called Consolidated Music Library) and drop it onto the Relocate Lost Files button (make sure the Read iTunes Library feature is off before relocating files).

9. The Relocate Lost Files process can take awhile to complete and may appear to do nothing at times. Basically, wait for the Relocate Lost Files button to turn off before continuing.

10. After the Relocate Lost Files feature is finished and all the previously pink files are white (indicating a playable/found copy), eject your old external drives but leave the new “mega drive” connected.

11. The library consolidation process should now be complete. If successful, Scratch Live will have combined the library and crate information from each drive and consolidated everything onto the new “mega drive” within the _Serato_ folder.

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