DJ Ferno

Musically capable, intelligent, DJ Ferno is influential due to his ability to mix and mingle with crowds that differ by age and ethnicity. With an ear for detail and the ability to deliver musical indulgence, he is able to conquer the emotional connections people have with music by simply being great at spinning, production, and creating and navigating a mesmerizing musical journey!

Always perfecting his craft, DJ Ferno is also known for his pivotal role in the travelogue series Vinyl Destination where he traveled alongside DJ Jazzy Jeff circling the globe. In 2008 they met for the first time and seeing the immense talent and strife within DJ Ferno, Jazzy Jeff invited him to work beside him and his team while introducing him to new experiences and opportunities. DJ Ferno now puts those lessons and experiences into use touring, producing music and remixes, running his Assembly party and record- lifestyle company/ G.O.M.S!