DJ Stonic

DJ, Turntablist, Producer: Hip-Hop/Grime/Dubstep/Drum & Bass/Open Format

DJ, Producer, Videographer and Graphic Designer- DJ Stonic is a multi-talented musician and artist. Fusing a hip-hop background and an extensive Bass Music knowledge, Stonic produces creative and unique routines by merging advanced mixing and scratching techniques together.

Stonic’s DJ sets are distinguished by a selection of underground tracks and rapid changes of genres, which gained him the title of current Italian Red Bull 3style Champion (2019).

As a predominant figure in the Hip-Hop and Drum and Bass Sicilian music scene for more than 20 years, Stonic founded the independent label Nosheek Records which features many collaborations with international artists including Dope D.O.D., Foreign Beggars, Maztek, MC Coppa and more.

Over the last few years, Stonic’s Scratch Videos have been recognized as some of the most creative videos in the Scratch DJ community, his LEGO Scratch Motion which was shot using stop-motion technique.

From a recent collaboration with DJ City Italy, the Scratchflix project was launched. Inspired by the popular film and series platform, Scratchflix aims to be an innovative place for concept videos based on Scratch music.