DJ Stylewarz

“...simply THE Best...(Tina Turner Voice) RANE just ended the Mixer Competition!!!”

Born in Bremerhaven, the transatlantic way. An American dad, Funk and Soul in his life from day one. Having fun on the decks at a very early age, and digging the hip hop culture very soon after. Cutting, mixing, rocking. With one main idea from the very first day: being original. Establishing your own sound. Spinning a central theme. Leaving a musical footprint. Not doing the same from beginning to end, but always remaining the same. Ladies and gentlemen, would you please cheer it up for Mister Michael Whitelov – also known as DJ Stylewarz.

Artist name Stylewarz. Always ready to fight, when it is about style. Always artist, when it is about music. We are talking "Hip Hop". A lifestyle that never stands still. That challenges you to always go one more step. Because this culture is always real when it keeps moving. In the sense of putting the energy out there that catches everyone. Proving the fitness that never turns lame. Fighting the fights that only leave winners. Not much interest in bloody floors. Except for of we are talking about dance floors.

Spinning, cutting, mixing records. Faster, louder, backwards, sideways. Battles as skirmishes on the quest for the final groove. Scratching like a young god as the main discipline. But just a few turntable skills alone won’t get the dancefloor rocking. A proper dj needs to have a little more. At best, it is dexterity that meets experience. And a good feeling for the moment. For the audience, and for the beats. For the atmosphere, and for the ego of the MCs. Depending on who you are spinning your records for at the moment.

Three decades on the turntables. That means to permanently look left and right. To collect influences and to incorporate them in your own work. To filter, take it apart and put it together in a new way. For the stage, for the club, for the Dj Orchestra. Or for your own album on extra heavy vinyl. DJ Stylewarz is has been walking straight for years, never bent. And that even though his list of references weighs a ton.