Mr Tone

“Performance is key. Wherever I am, I know that I can rely 100% on my SEVENTY-TWO and TWELVES. That’s the freedom I always wanted as an artist.”

Young, creative and full of energy. That’s why Mr. Tone has been recognized as the exceptional talent of the German DJ-scene. And that’s also just why Mr. Tone didn’t only win the German RedBull-3Style Championship while being only 23 years old. In the same year he won gold in the Technics DJ-Battle as well. Cooperations with DJCity, SuperHeroDJs, Planet Radio and Rane don’t leave any questions remaining, just like his tourplan which led him not just through Germany from north to south but to Europe and Asia as well. Mr. Tone stands for #RealDJing. No Genres. No Boundaries.

Artist Showcase Video