Total Eclipse

Coming straight outta of the Brooklyn section of Bedford Stuyvesant, also known as “Bed-Stuy” Brooklyn, is a place surrounded by park Jams and Street parties during the hot summers in NYC, is where TE gained his understanding of crowd control while developing as a young teen. Mixing and excelling in Turntablism, his threshold began to grow at a confident level to eventually compete against other DJs. In his 1st DJ Battle, TE met his future brother in Scratch DJ Rob Swift, who spearheaded him to join forces with the X-men while shortly after, the group bloomed into the recording artist known as the X-ecutioners.

Total Eclipse earned early success from a DJ to a producing recording artist with his group the X-Ecutioners, releasing the groups first independent project called X- Pressions. While touring the project, Total Eclipse and the group went on to sign a multi-album deal with the majors, releasing their 1st major debut, the critically acclaimed Built From Scratch under the label Loud Records distributed by Sony (BMG). The eclectic album, introduced the X-ecutioners as a Turntable Rock Band using the turntables as a creative gauged creating major artist collaborations, Building the Hip Hop Iconic DJs there commercial recognition. With their mainstream appeal, the group appeared on numerous Arena tours with artist: Eminem, Xzibit, Ludacris, System Of A Down, Papa Roach, Good Charlotte, while promoting the collaborated single featuring Linkin Park members Mike Shinoda & Joe Hahn. The group also performed at the MTV Music Awards as a guest featured solo during the song called One Step Closer off the Hybrid Theory Album.