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  1. MP2014 Traktor Certified: BETA

    MP2014 Traktor Certified: BETA
    Native Instruments just dropped Traktor beta version, 2.10.3, which includes certification for the MP2014. If you currently own Traktor software you can join Native Instruments' beta program and download the new beta version now --> release coming soon. Click here for more information about Traktor. Read here for more information about Traktor certification with the MP2015.
  2. twenty tantalizing turntable tidbits

    twenty tantalizing turntable tidbits
    Turntables have a long and rich history. Instead of writing a novel about our beloved friend, we wanted to share a few interesting facts that can help you strike up conversations with fellow Rane DJs. Do you know where the term "rewind" comes from? Read on to learn about this and other fascinating turntable facts. 1. The phonograph was built...

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