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  1. chris karns performs nba halftime show

    Another fine performance by DMC World Champion and VH1 Master of the Mix cast member Chris Karns. This performance highlight takes you—literally—center court for the NBA halftime show of the Denver Nuggets vs. the Golden State Warriors. For this amazing perspective, Chris attached a GoPro Hero3 camera to his DJ setup. How cool is that? Hit play, sit back and...
  2. the world’s fastest scratch attack!

    We recently stumbled across this quick video and had to share it. This amazing video features the 2012 online DMC champion Fong Fong from France and his brother Mart-One showing off their skills on a Rane Sixty-Two mixer. This is tag-team scratching at it's finest. They not only nailed every scratch without missing a beat, they also worked in the...
  3. an open letter to the Rane dj

    an open letter to the Rane dj
    from the owner Your career in DJing and my career in hardware manufacturing probably started in very similar ways. In 1982 we started Rane in my basement. It wasn’t long before it took over my entire house. Your career probably started in your basement or garage or bedroom. It doesn’t take long before we needed to play out. You went to...
  4. 2013 dmc seattle regional dj battle

    2013 dmc seattle regional dj battle
    The DMC World DJ competition is celebrating 30 years of staging the greatest turntablist battles of all time and with it comes lots of festivities all across the United States. This year, Skratch Lounge celebrating their 3-Year Anniversary, hosted the 2013 DMC Seattle Regional DJ Battle. Feat. DJ Melo-D of The World Famous Beat Junkies with host DJ DV One...
  5. in the beginning

    in the beginning
    I was thinking about the complexities of a project I worked on recently when it occurred to me how different what I’m designing today is from my first DJ product, the TTM54. And that got me thinking about how different DJ performance is today compared to when I designed my first mixer. It is astonishing how much both equipment and...

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