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  1. Introducing the Rane sixty-four mixer for serato dj

    Introducing the Rane sixty-four mixer for serato dj
    Rane's pleased to officially announce the Rane Sixty-Four mixer for Serato DJ. Everything you love about the Rane Sixty-Two mixer and more in a four-channel mixer powerhouse. Rane and Serato continue their ten-year partnership with Rane’s professionally-crafted, art-expanding DJ gear integrated with Serato’s world-famous digital vinyl emulation software. This bundled combination is custom-built for DJs of every genre. Whether you’re mixing...
  2. coming soon: the Rane sixty-four

    coming soon: the Rane sixty-four
    You’ve mastered mixing and scratching on two channels. Pushing the limit is in your nature and it’s time to raise the bar. The Rane Sixty-Four mixer and Serato DJ software are the tools you need to step your game up. More channels, more decks, more effects… Challenge accepted. The Sixty-Four’s tight integration with Serato DJ software provides intuitive control of...
  3. masters of the mixer

    masters of the mixer
    If you weren't familiar with them before VH1's Master of the Mix show my guess is most of you are now. DJs Jayceeoh, Incrediboi, and Chris Karns were the top three finalists who were able to flex their skills behind the decks for the world to see. Although Jayceeoh took home the title, its safe to say they all proved...
  4. midi 101 for the digital dj

    midi 101 for the digital dj
    The acronym, MIDI, can be a daunting one to wrap your head around and diving into the world of MIDI can be overwhelming. Fortunately you don’t have to be an audio engineer or rocket scientist to control your software with a MIDI controller these days. This article is intended to give you the bare bones information you need to get...
  5. artist spotlight: kid koala

    artist spotlight: kid koala
    We were recently honored to sit down with Kid Koala and ask him a few questions about anything and everything. It was hard as a DJ, as a fan, and as a gear aficionado (read : geek), to begin to know where to start. So we threw the script out of the window and decided to have some fun with...
  6. Artist Spotlight: The One and Only Fatboy Slim

    Artist Spotlight: The One and Only Fatboy Slim
    Welcome to the debut of our Artist Spotlight series. Artist Spotlight is our way of featuring exceptional DJs, artists and performers within the worldwide music community. For our first Artist Spotlight, we’re starting with a man that needs no introduction, the legendary DJ, record producer and musician, Fatboy Slim. Mad Flava Wow, where do we start with such a prolific...
  7. How to Properly Set Rane Mixer Level Controls

    How to Properly Set Rane Mixer Level Controls
    Correctly setting DJ mixer level controls is one of the most important contributors to creating an excellent sounding system. Once you master the fundamental principles you'll know how to get the best possible audio quality from your Rane DJ mixer. To ensure proper level setting, Rane DJ mixers are designed with a professional audio metering syste much like you’d find in...
  8. wrapping up

    wrapping up
    Rane have introduced many innovative DJ products over the years, culminating in the 2012 release of the Rane Sixty-Two mixer for Serato Scratch Live. Both instrument and DJ skill have advanced exponentially since 1965. For almost 30 years, DJ artists have chosen innovative Rane instruments to advance their art. The goal of our involvement in DJ product development has always...
  9. track-marking your mix

    track-marking your mix
    There is nothing more annoying than receiving a mixed CD, putting it in your player, and not being able to skip to your favorite tracks. Unless the mix is amazing from beginning to end, chances are it won't be in anyone's CD player long. Do yourself and your fans a favor by tracking out your mix. Read on to learn...
  10. maximize the volume of your recordings

    maximize the volume of your recordings
    Have you made recordings and after listening to them realized the volume is not on par with the other audio files in your collection? Fear not! This how-to will walk through turning up the volume of your recordings so they can compete with store-bought tracks. I'm going to use Audacity for this article because it's a free program and is...

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