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  1. Rane® Limited Time Promotion - Buy a Twelve, Get a Twelve Half Price

    RANE announces an exclusive, limited time deal on the TWELVE motorized turntable controller Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA (March 31, 2020)—RANE, the established innovator in the DJ industry, noted for their standard-setting solutions coupled with unequalled reliability and customer service, today announced a deal for global participating dealers to offer DJs a half price TWELVE when they purchase a TWELVE at...
  2. RANE SEVENTY - Now shipping!

    RANE SEVENTY - Now shipping!
    It's official! Our brand new SEVENTY mixer, the latest edition to our solid steel, battle-ready Serato DJ mixer family, is now available to buy! Built from the same intricate DNA that makes every RANE product a standout, the RANE SEVENTY’s intuitive layout takes a forward-thinking, yet familiar approach to performance possibilities and is ready to take your DJ performance to...
  3. World Champion DJ Craze joins RANE, launches SEVENTY battle mixer.

    World Champion DJ Craze joins RANE, launches SEVENTY battle mixer.
    It gives us great pleasure to announce the legendary World Champion DJ Craze has joined the RANE family championing our SEVENTY battle mixer. If the first thing you know about Craze is that he’s the only solo DJ to win the DMC World Championships 3 times over, prepare to get yourself schooled. From day one, every uphill battle he faced...
  4. MP2014 Traktor Certified: BETA

    MP2014 Traktor Certified: BETA
    Native Instruments just dropped Traktor beta version, 2.10.3, which includes certification for the MP2014. If you currently own Traktor software you can join Native Instruments' beta program and download the new beta version now --> Native-instruments.com.Official release coming soon. Click here for more information about Traktor. Read here for more information about Traktor certification with the MP2015.
  5. The MP2015’s SUBMIX Channel Explained

    The MP2015’s SUBMIX Channel Explained
    Novice or professional DJ, when you first lay eyes on the MP2015 most of what you see is intuitive and easily understood. Not a surprise given the mixer was designed with ease of use in mind. But you may be asking yourself, “What is this SUBMIX all about?”In short, the SUBMIX is a channel that you can send any or...
  6. Introducing the Rane TTM57mkII for Serato DJ

    Introducing the Rane TTM57mkII for Serato DJ
    When introduced in 2006 the TTM57SL broke ground as the first ever DJ mixer with built-in USB sound card and tightly integrated Serato software controls. When discontinued in 2013, the TTM57SL had developed a cult-like following. The TTM57mkII stays true to its original design by supporting familiar workflow while improving performance and software integration. Updated software controls include silicone RGB...

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