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  1. Introducing the MP2015 Rotary Mixer

    Introducing the MP2015 Rotary Mixer
    Rane worked with some of the World’s best DJs and clubs to redefine the Rotary DJ Mixer. With help from Doc Martin, Steffi, Dixon, Ata, Oliver Hafenbauer, Anthony Parasole, Martyn, Gerd Janson, Mano Le Tough, Ben UFO, Derrick Carter, Mark Farina, Efdemin, Brian BeeZwax, James Patrick, a handful of Seattle's best DJs and many more, Rane is proud to introduce the MP2015. The Rane...
  2. Rane’s First DJ Mixer: The MP 24

    Rane’s First DJ Mixer: The MP 24
    In The Beginning: Rane's Introduction to the DJ Industry Rane first entered the DJ mixer market upon request from Richard Long of Richard Long & Associates (RLA). Richard Long was a famous sound designer for the biggest names in disco. He designed systems for Paradise Garage, Studio 54, Annabels (London), Regines (a chain of 19 clubs scattered around the world from Paris and New...

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