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    MUKILTEO, WA USA (August 14, 2017)—Rane DJ (Rane), an established innovator in the DJ industry, noted for their standard-setting solutions coupled with unequalled reliability and customer service, today announced the introduction of a new family of important and exciting Battle Ready products for the professional DJ market. These new models are a dramatic and impressive statement strengthening Rane DJ’s position at...
  2. MP2014 Traktor Certified: BETA

    MP2014 Traktor Certified: BETA
    Native Instruments just dropped Traktor beta version, 2.10.3, which includes certification for the MP2014. If you currently own Traktor software you can join Native Instruments' beta program and download the new beta version now --> release coming soon. Click here for more information about Traktor. Read here for more information about Traktor certification with the MP2015.
  3. the champ is here

    The champ is here and he's not afraid to show-off his award winning skills using his coveted, gold-plated Rane Sixty-Two prize mixer. DJ Izoh—The 2012 DMC World DJ Champion from Japan—and Anarchy (the #1 street rapper in Japan) team up to promote their upcoming mix "60 Minutes of Anarchy" with this phenomenal demo that's pure gold.
  4. Local Spotlight (206) - Skratch Lounge

    Local Spotlight (206) - Skratch Lounge
    Welcome to the debut of our Local Spotlight series. Local Spotlight is our way of supporting events, groups and people who are giving back to their local DJ communities. Kicking off the first Local Spotlight, we’re starting right here in our own backyard to highlight Seattle's Skratch Lounge. Created in 2010 by DJ Bamboo and DJ Spinja of the Groove...
  5. History of the Hamster Switch

    History of the Hamster Switch
    The term ‘Hamster switch’ is the original name used for the fader reverse function built into almost every scratch mixer sold today. Interesting name, don’t you think? Have you ever wondered how and where the hamster switch idea originated and who coined the term? Can you imagine a professional scratch mixer without one? Hamster Style! “I thought it meant having...
  6. Rane’s first turntablist mixer

    Rane’s first turntablist mixer
    Rane’s first venture into Hip-Hop was in 1998 with the introduction of the TTM54 Turntablist Mixer. The mixer was the result of some enthusiastic DJs approaching Rane at an AES show in New York and asking if we were interested in helping them build the ultimate Turntablist mixer. It sounded like an interesting project so Rane National Sales Manager, Jack...
  7. chris karns performs nba halftime show

    Another fine performance by DMC World Champion and VH1 Master of the Mix cast member Chris Karns. This performance highlight takes you—literally—center court for the NBA halftime show of the Denver Nuggets vs. the Golden State Warriors. For this amazing perspective, Chris attached a GoPro Hero3 camera to his DJ setup. How cool is that? Hit play, sit back and...
  8. the world’s fastest scratch attack!

    We recently stumbled across this quick video and had to share it. This amazing video features the 2012 online DMC champion Fong Fong from France and his brother Mart-One showing off their skills on a Rane Sixty-Two mixer. This is tag-team scratching at it's finest. They not only nailed every scratch without missing a beat, they also worked in the...

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