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  1. Using Traktor with Rane Mixers

    Using Traktor with Rane Mixers
    Are you a fan of the Rane Sixty-Four and/or Sixty-Two and its tight integration with Serato software but prefer using Traktor? Fear not, we're here to make your life a little easier by sharing a mapping we whipped up which gives you control of Traktor's main functions right at your fingertips. What you may or may not need The Sixty-Four and...
  2. We Love HID

    We Love HID
    Gone are the days of needing to use store-bought CDs, control discs, or even USB sticks to play your jams. The HID protocol present in many CD players has made things a lot more functional and enjoyable for DJs who use them as their weapon of choice. This article will walk you through getting your CD players communicating with your...
  3. 2013 DMC World Championships

    2013 DMC World Championships
    Once again, the 100 best DJs from over 30 nations converged on London, UK, to sort out who would be able to claim the title of 2013 World DMC Champion. This year the DMC Championships celebrated its 30th Anniversary of being the top DJ Battle worldwide. The competition was hot as ever, with faster, smoother and better routines than we have...
  4. Red Bull Thre3Style World Finals

    Red Bull Thre3Style World Finals
    Who’s ready for the 2013 Red Bull ThreStyle World Finals? If you’re a competing DJ, I’m sure you’re practicing like crazy right now, because this year, the competition is absolutely insane, the stakes even higher, and Rane, once again, has something very special for the lucky DJ crowned as the next Red Bull Thre3Style World Champion. Announcing this year’s grand...
  5. Midi Mapping Loop Rolls to the Rane Sixty-Two Cue Buttons

    Midi Mapping Loop Rolls to the Rane Sixty-Two Cue Buttons
    When the Sixty-Two is set to control Auto Loops, the Loop Select knob is used to scroll to the desired loop length. From there, pressing the Roll button will activate a Loop Roll of the desired length. Typically, you would use two hands in order to move quickly between the loop lengths. This article will explain how to MIDI map...
  6. Chris Karns x Rane Sixty-Two

    Chris Karns x Rane Sixty-Two
    The immortal DJ veteran Chris Karns teamed up with Rane and Friends of Mine to produce a new battle routine that is out of this world. We’ve all been blown away by what Chris Karns has accomplished behind the decks with his two hands (2011 World DMC Champion / 2013 Master of the Mix finalist) imagine if he had…….. Enjoy...
  7. masters of the mixer

    masters of the mixer
    If you weren't familiar with them before VH1's Master of the Mix show my guess is most of you are now. DJs Jayceeoh, Incrediboi, and Chris Karns were the top three finalists who were able to flex their skills behind the decks for the world to see. Although Jayceeoh took home the title, its safe to say they all proved...
  8. midi 101 for the digital dj

    midi 101 for the digital dj
    The acronym, MIDI, can be a daunting one to wrap your head around and diving into the world of MIDI can be overwhelming. Fortunately you don’t have to be an audio engineer or rocket scientist to control your software with a MIDI controller these days. This article is intended to give you the bare bones information you need to get...
  9. Artist Spotlight: The One and Only Fatboy Slim

    Artist Spotlight: The One and Only Fatboy Slim
    Welcome to the debut of our Artist Spotlight series. Artist Spotlight is our way of featuring exceptional DJs, artists and performers within the worldwide music community. For our first Artist Spotlight, we’re starting with a man that needs no introduction, the legendary DJ, record producer and musician, Fatboy Slim. Mad Flava Wow, where do we start with such a prolific...
  10. the ultimate performance mixer

    the ultimate performance mixer
    In 2012, Rane, in cooperation with Serato Audio Research, introduced the Sixty-Two mixer for Serato Scratch Live, completing the full integration of Serato Scratch Live software and performance mixer. The Sixty-Two is the definitive plug-and-play digital turntablist mixer with the following features: First mixer with Dual USB ports for simple DJ changeoverInternal 20-channel USB 2.0 sound cardUltra low latency Core...

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